About Us

HHS, Inc. / Hi-Viz.com

Family owned and operated, Hooker Handling Systems, Inc. was founded in 1975. HHS, Inc. has been in the business of personal protective equipment and other safety related items. High Visibility Clothing and Safety Products is a division of HHS, Inc. Specializing in providing superior, high quality products at competitive prices. 

Our Philosophy:

We care about Safety in every form and we know the need to be seen is imperative for those who work in hazardous industries. High visibility safety apparel is essential in making the wearer more visible in all lighting and weather conditions.

HHS, Inc. is committed to giving you the best value... at the best price. We value your business - always. 

High Visibility Clothing and Safety Products - your one-stop shop for high visibility safety apparel products. 

We have two locations in the United States

Massachusetts: Sales Office 
Georgia: Sales Office & Warehouse 

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time
Phone: (888) 724-9980
Fax: (413) 534-1390

You can send us a message online through our Contact Us Page

We look forward to servicing your needs.