6 Benefits of High Visibility Clothing to Improve Worker Safety


Did you know that high visibility clothing helps you to be seen during the day and night? The fluorescent design of these clothes allows them to absorb and reflect types of light. This is to protect workers and pedestrians from dangerous accidents.

High visibility clothes are an excellent way to keep workers safe. And this attire plays an integral role in workplace safety.

There are many ways in which these clothes can improve safety and prevent accidents. Plus, you can choose from high visibility shirts, vests, pants, and many more products.

Today we’ll discuss six different benefits of high visibility clothing. We'll describe how this clothing can cut down the risk of workplace fatalities. So keep reading to learn more.

1. Enhances Worker Visibility

The most important function of high visibility clothing is its ability to increase worker visibility. This is a key safety standard in many different industries and environments. These industries include construction, railway, highway, electrical, plus countless more. 

These safety products provide a contrast between workers and their surroundings. The clothes help workers become more conscious of themselves, others, and dangerous workplace machinery. This also lessens the chance of workplace injuries and fatalities.

Workplace accidents happen every day, with over five thousand being fatal each year. So wearing high visibility clothes can help bring these numbers lower.

These injuries have been increasing over the years. And the clothing helps promote a safe work environment.

2. Fulfills ANSI Safety Standards

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private organization. They help create and issue business norms and standards.

For workers, they reccomend wearing high visibility clothes. And this is to reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Complying with ANSI can help workers to feel safer and more secure while working. And while your workers are the number one priority, this is also good for your business.

In addition to reducing injuries and fatalities, it can also improve company morale. Furthermore, better morale improves production rates and turnover times.

ANSI has a variety of regulatory guidelines to follow regarding high-vis clothing. You can choose between class one, class two, and class three attire. This will depend on your workers’ needs.

3. Encourages Workplace Safety

Equipping your team with high visibility clothing reminds them that safety comes first. The more often they wear the clothes and practice safety in the workplace, the better. This can help nurture a healthy mindset on the job, keeping employees more attentive. 

In addition, workers will appreciate your efforts to keep them safe from harm. Providing them with safety products shows them you value their lives and their labor. Workers who operate in dangerous environments know what’s essential and needed.

With safety clothing, your employees will foster strong work connections and communication. Respect will be mutual, and everyone will look out for one another.

4. Professional Worker Attire

High visibility clothing brings a new level of professionalism to the workplace. It helps workers form an identity and a level of pride in their careers. These safety products also communicate to others the nature of a worker’s job and the type of work they do.

The clothing also helps separate workers from civilians. This can help your workers stay organized. They can identify outside personnel or people who shouldn’t be on the worksite.

This also keeps eyes sharp, production timely, and communication high.

Additionally, you can order custom gear, like custom printed safety vests for your company. Custom safety vests promote your brand and give workers a respectable image. You can even embed your company attire with your company logos.

5. Cuts Down Distractions

Working in a dangerous environment is already challenging enough for workers. And adding distractions to the mix can create life-threatening scenarios for your crew. Distracted employees greatly increase the risk of serious accidents and fatalities.

With high visibility clothing, workers will become less distracted in serious scenarios. Each employee will have a heightened sense of awareness for their co-workers. Plus, your employees will be less apt to daydream, which can also cause accidents.

It’s impossible to eliminate all distractions from the workplace. Everyone becomes involved in activities that limit concentration.

Though, bright and reflective gear will keep employees highly alert. And it may even save lives in an emergency situation.

6. Improves Reaction Time

Another important safety benefit is the ability to improve worker reaction time. This is especially critical for workers who operate heavy machinery, equipment, or vehicles. They’ll quickly be able to spot others and react accordingly.

For example, a driver is rolling through a busy work zone when another worker steps out. His bright vest quickly signals to the driver of his presence, so he applies the brakes. This extra reaction time can save lives in situations with little time to act.

In loud, noisy environments, our ears don’t serve us very well. And brightly colored clothing can help combat this issue. This keeps employee reaction time snappy.

The best part is that high-vis clothing increases reaction time during the day and night.

Get Custom High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing is a great way to increase the safety of your employees. Safer employees mean more suitable, happier workers.

This creates a better work environment for everyone. And it can increase company morale, production, and profits.

Are you interested in purchasing high visibility clothing for your industry? We’ll provide everything you need, from vests, shirts, jackets, ANSI gear, and much more. 

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