A Complete ANSI 107-2020 Standard Summary

Man wearing an ANSI 107 Safety Vest Working

For a wide range of industries, high-standard, legally-compliant safety gear is key. Whether you work in construction, engineering, public safety, sanitation, or transport, having safety-compliant high-vis gear is essential. Proper high-visibility garments will keep you and your employees safe while also on-site, ensuring that your business or institution meets the right standards.

When purchasing high-vis gear for your crew, you need to make sure those garments are manufactured according to the ANSI 107-2020 standard. Purchasing garments that do not meet the standards set out in ANSI 107-2020 risks putting your team at risk and putting yourself and your business at risk of financial and legal penalties.

With this in mind, we have compiled an essential review of ANSI 107-2020, so you know exactly what to look for when purchasing high-vis garments.

1. Colors 

When searching for ANSI 107-2020 garments, you should keep in mind that the standard dictates that only three colors can be used for garments. These are fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent red, and fluorescent orange-red. You are free to choose from these three colors.

However, you should keep in mind the environment that your team will be working in, as one of these colors may offer more visibility on say, a construction site or a subway tunnel, than the other colors. The color that offers the highest degree of light contrast for your workers is the right choice. 

2. Design

There are a number of critical things to look out for when it comes to the actual design of reflective gear that conforms to the ANSI 107-2020 standard. These are: 

  • Retroreflective materials (i.e. foil stripes) should be evenly distributed on the front and back of the garment
  • The separation between reflective bands should incorporate a distance that is at least equal to the width of the bands
  • Leg bands must be at least 2 inches above the bottom hem
  • Horizontal bands on the top garment must provide a full 360 degrees of visibility for the wearer 
  • No reflective bands are required on the shoulders if bands are present on the sleeves 

Any ANSI 107-2020 compliant garment will meet all of these requirements. 


3. Materials 

For a garment to comply with an ANSI 107-2020 Standard summary, the materials they are made of must have certain features, such as: 

  • The material must be tested for chromaticity, luminosity, and color resistance 
  • The material must be water-repellant, water-resistant, and rain-proof 
  • The material must provide full flexibility and mobility for the wearer, including in a wide range of temperatures and climates 

These are the minimum material standards required for a garment to be ANSI 107-2020 compliant. 

4. Labelling 

Finally, there are rules around the labeling of ANSI 107-2020 garments. These include: 

  • The name of the manufacturer and their identifying information must be clearly identifiable on the label
  • The item number and size must be clearly identified 
  • If the garment is not flame resistant, the label must clearly state this 
  • If the garment is single-use only, there must be a label that reads "SINGLE USE ONLY. DO NOT REMOVE LABEL"


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