How to Choose the Right Custom Safety Vests


Between 2017 and 2022, the market size for the personal protective equipment manufacturing industry managed to grow by about 1.2% each year on average. In 2022, businesses and individuals were already spending more than $5 billion on this industry.

One reason this industry has grown so large is that more businesses are getting interested in custom safety vests. At first glance, some of the benefits that custom safety vests provide are obvious. However, people who buy them often discover that they provide unexpected benefits as well.

At the same time, it is not always easy to know how to choose the right custom safety vests for your exact situation. Some people end up ordering vests that they later replace with a second order. However, you can save money and inconvenience by making the right choice the first time.

Read on to learn all about the top tips for choosing the right custom safety vests for your specific needs!

Choose the Right Color for Your Construction Vest

There are a lot of design considerations to consider before you order your custom safety vests. One of the most important design choices you will make is the color of your vest.

One way to make this decision is to think about the kind of environment your workers will work in. If they are going to work outdoors at night, then you might want to focus on choosing custom safety vests made with bright colors. In contrast, if your workers are going to work indoors, you might consider dark colors as an option as well.

On the other hand, you might want to use your custom safety vests to help reinforce your brand. If so, then your choice may be as simple as choosing custom safety vests that match or complement the same colors you use for all of your branding.

Consider Custom Safety Vests With Logos

If you do want to use your safety vests to augment your brand, then you may want to order them with your logo as well. This can help passersby notice and remember your company if they ever need your services in the future.

It can also give workers an added incentive to be on their best behavior. If they know that they will be visibly representing your business while they work, they may try harder to avoid doing anything that would reflect poorly on your company.

Understand Safety Apparel Classifications

There are a few different classifications for safety vests you will choose between. They are class 1, class 2, and class 3 safety vests. The higher the number, the greater the need for safety.

That means that class 1 safety vests are a good choice if your workers will not be exposed to much danger while they work. If they are in a low-traffic area or the speed limit is lower than 25 miles per hour, then class one vests might be the right choice.

They're also a viable option for jobs like roadside repair and parking attendance. These kinds of vests come with at least 155 square inches of reflective tape.

On the other hand, class 2 safety vests might be necessary if your workers are working in riskier environments. These vests come with at least 201 square inches of reflective tape. They are an acceptable choice for people working near traffic that goes as fast as 50 miles per hour.

Class 3 vests provide even more safety. If your workers are in areas with heavy traffic or poor visibility, they may need class 3 safety vests.

These vests come with a minimum of 310 square inches of reflective tape. This reflective tape is placed around the vest so as to provide as much visibility as possible from every angle.

Consider Reflective Vest Fabric Options

You can also choose between cotton, polyester, and other fabrics for your safety vests. Of course, there is no hard rule about which kind of fabric is best. You might want to speak with your workers about their preferences to help you with this decision.

Consider Creating Your Own Design

In some cases, it might be worth coming up with a whole design of your own for your safety vests. This can take longer, but it can also give you the opportunity to get exactly what you want. You can even use this opportunity to make choosing your safety vests a collaborative effort with your workers.

Get High Visibility Safety Apparel Feedback

Consider running some safety vest design choices by your workers and asking them what they think. You can also ask them to write down their personal preferences so you can read them on your own later.

You might be surprised by what your workers prefer. With this strategy, you can decrease the chance that your workers will feel annoyed by needing to wear safety vests.

You may also enjoy increased compliance. People are often more willing to participate in things that they contribute to.

This can also be a good strategy for helping you make your custom safety vest decisions faster. Instead of trying to figure out what the best choices are, you can outsource that decision to your workers.

Know How to Choose the Right Custom Safety Vests for You

We hope that you now have a clearer idea of how to choose the right custom safety vests for your needs. Some people choose high-visibility safety vest designs at random and regret doing so later on. Taking your time to make the right design choices can help you get the most out of this valuable safety tool.

To learn more about how you can get the best custom safety vests for your needs, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!