Reduce Roadside Risk: 7 Tips for Designing Custom Logo Safety Vests


Workdays can be challenging for people working alongside roadways. Not only do they have to worry about completing their tasks, but they must combat errant cars that are racing down the road alongside them. With over 7,500 pedestrians being killed by drivers each year, it's no wonder this is a major issue for roadside workers.  

Custom logo safety vests are a wonderful way to keep your employees safe when working near roads. These vests enable you to keep your workforce organized while promoting your brand at the same time. Custom-printed safety vests can build team spirit and convey professionalism.  

This article will talk about the top seven tips to consider when designing a custom safety vest. Designing vests for your organization doesn't take a lot of skill or expertise.  

  1. Ensure the Vest Is Compliant 

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets specific requirements that high visibility safety apparel needs to meet. The ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standard combines requirements for public safety and roadway safety wear. Some of the things this regulation oversees include: 

Size of reflectors 

Material used 

Print area  

High visibility  

ANSI standards go hand in hand with provisions set by OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. For example, you don't want your logo to be so large that it covers the majority of reflective and fluorescent material on the vest.  

Safety vests are sold in different classifications. You want to make sure you purchase one that fits your organization.  

Class One 

Class One vests are intended for those working in areas with minimal amounts of traffic. This type of vest is a good choice for delivery drivers or parking lot attendants.  

Class Two 

Workers operating in higher-risk areas should be outfitted in a Class Two safety vest. Class Two vests have more than 200 square inches of fabric, giving the wearer more visibility.  

Class Three 

Class Three vests include around 310 square inches of reflective material. These safety vests are perfect for those working in high-risk environments.  

  1. Consider the Type of Logo Printing

You'll typically have three different types of logo printing to choose from. The kind you choose depends on your working conditions and business type. 


A reflective logo is a great choice for workers who are performing in low-light conditions. Feature your logo whenever the light reflects off the person wearing the safety vest.  


You might want to opt for a full-color logo print for your high-visibility safety apparel if you have a colorful logo. Keep your company's iconic colors intact while staying compliant with safety standards.  


A black printed logo makes a wonderful contrast against the fluorescent materials of the safety vest. Your logo will stand out no matter what.  

  1. Carefully Place the Logo

As we mentioned earlier, your logo can't cover the entirety of the high-visibility shirts or vests. Your logo needs to be strategically placed in a spot that promotes your company without compromising the garment's safety features.  

Some ideal places for logos include: 

Lower back 

Front chest pocket 

Upper back 

You can place the logo in many places. One option would be to put a large logo on the back and a smaller one on the pocket or chest.  

The logo should be placed at least one inch away from major features on the vest, such as: 




Placing the logo near these elements can result in it looking distorted.  

  1. Focus on Functionality 

Your custom safety vests should function as well as they look. There are certain elements you should keep in mind when choosing what style of safety apparel to order.  


Handy pockets are often needed to store tools, calculators, notepads, and pens. Multiple pockets can give you additional places to print your logo without obscuring the rest of the vest.  

Safety Breakaways 

Safety breakaways enable a person to break away from the vest when using excessive force. This element prevents accidents if someone gets tangled or caught in the moving parts of heavy equipment.  

Flame Resistant 

Many vests are designed to have self-extinguishing features to prevent them from catching fire. Explore heat-resistant vests if your workers are in places where they might get exposed to extreme temperatures.  

  1. Simplify Your Logo

Most logos need to be simplified in any printing scenario. This is especially true for safety vests. Your logo should be as clear and clean as possible.  

Some of the ways you can improve your logo's appearance include: 

Removing small details 

Reducing the number of fine lines 

Omitting unnecessary small words  

You may consider reconfiguring the size of your logo so it can fit in your desired print area. Certain fonts are better suited for safety bests than others. 

Block fonts are easy to read since they're bold and simple. Switch to uppercase letters to create a bigger impact.  

  1. Don't Forget About First Impressions

Depending on the job, your workers might be operating alongside those from other companies. Ensure your employees stand out from the rest with professional custom safety vests. Those visiting the job site can easily identify your workers from others.  

Custom-printed safety vests will make your workers look more organized and professional. Clearly placing the logo in strategic spots will improve your brand awareness.  

  1. Have a High-Quality Logo

Once you've decided what type of custom safety vest you want, you'll work with a company to have them printed. Having high-quality vector graphics for your logo is key. The better the quality of the image, the better your product will turn out.  

Carefully evaluate the design proof the company sends you. Check for any errors before you approve it to guarantee you receive an exceptional product.  

Partner With Hi-Viz Custom Logo Safety Vests 

Don't get overwhelmed when it comes to ordering custom logo safety vests. We hope our tips and tricks shed more light on the topic and enable you to order custom safety apparel on our website.  

The sales team at Hi-Viz is well-versed in the rules and regulations surrounding custom safety vests. Fill out our online contact form or give our office a call if you need help ordering. We're happy to walk you through the design and ordering process.