Custom Safety Vests, Printed ANSI High Visibility Safety Apparel with Your Logo.

Custom High Visibility Safety Vests

Custom safety vests are a great way to promote safety in the workplace. By customizing the vest with your company's logo or slogan, you can help to raise awareness of the importance of safety. Customized vests also show workers that you care about their safety. By providing them with a vest specifically designed for their job, you can help ensure that they are always aware of the dangers around them. Custom logo safety vests are an essential part of any safety program and can help to keep your employees safe.

Print Bundles & Special Offers

Class 2 Type R, Two-Tone Vest
1 Color Back Print Bundle

As low as $10.38 / ea.
Price Includes: Print, Setup & Shipping
Quantity Discounts
Minimum Quantity: 50

Economy Printed Safety Vest
Print Bundle

As low as $3.83 / ea.
Price Includes: Print, Setup & Shipping
Quantity Discounts
Minimum Quantity: 100

Our Process

We offer a quick and easy process to get your custom reflective shirts designed, produced and ready for the jobsite.

Step 1: Choose your safety vests

Step 2: Send us your logo and request logo placements.

Step 3: Receive customized pricing and submit your order.

Step 4: Approval of design files and order production.


What is the minimum order quantity for customized safety vests?

Our minimum order quantity for safety vests varies depending on the printing method. For screen printing, the standard minimum order is 24 pieces. For smaller runs, we offer heat transfer printing or embroidery options. Please reach out to us to inquire about pricing.

How long does it take to receive a custom order?

Our turnaround time for custom orders depends on several factors, such as the product type, quantity ordered, and type of decoration required. We usually ship repeat orders within 7-14 business days, which may vary based on your specific requirements. For new designs, please allow additional time for processing and production.

Can you request rush orders or expedited shipping?

We provide the option for requesting rush orders or expedited shipping for an additional fee. However, the availability of these options may be subject to certain conditions, such as order urgency and shipping destination. Please get in touch with us directly for more information about our policies regarding these options.

Can I receive a product sample before placing a larger order?

We offer product samples before placing a larger order so that you can check the quality and design of our products. However, please be aware that additional fees may be associated with this request and longer lead times for production and shipping. If you would like to proceed with requesting samples, please get in touch with us directly for further details.

Decoration Methods

Screen Printed High Visibility Vests

Screen printing is an affordable and dependable method for customizing high visibility vests with logos or messages. This process involves pressing ink through a mesh stencil onto the fabric, resulting in a sharp, long-lasting design. With screen printing, you can create eye-catching and vibrant designs on safety vests to help your team stand out in low-light conditions. At our company, we use top-notch materials and advanced printing techniques to ensure that your custom reflective vests look fantastic and withstand daily wear and tear.

  • Many Stock Colors to Choose From
  • Up to 4 Colors
  • Reflective Ink Available

Heat Transfer Printed Safety Vests

Full-color heat transfer decoration is a popular and cost-effective method for customizing hi vis vests with detailed designs or logos. The process involves printing the design onto special transfer paper and using heat to transfer the ink onto the fabric. This technique provides excellent color accuracy and can reproduce intricate details that other methods may not be able to achieve.

One of the benefits of full-color heat transfer decoration is that it's a good option for small-batch orders as it doesn't require expensive setup costs like screen printing.

If you need customized hi vis vests, consider full-color heat transfer decoration as an option. With its ability to produce sharp and vibrant designs, this method will make your team stand out while keeping them safe on the job.

Embroidered Hi Vis Vests

Embroidered hi vis vests are a classic and durable way to customize safety gear. This technique involves stitching the design directly onto the fabric using colored threads. Embroidery is an excellent option for creating simple logos or text designs that will last long and not fade over time. It's also ideal for larger batch orders as the cost per item decreases with quantity. Our process uses high-quality embroidery machines and threads to ensure your custom high vis vests look professional and withstand wear and tear on the job site. So if you're looking for a timeless customization option for your safety gear, consider embroidered hi vis vests!