Portwest UC493 - Safety Green ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest | Front View

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Portwest UC493 Economy Mesh Zipper Vest

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Introducing the Portwest UC493 Economy Mesh Zipper Vest, the ultimate safety companion for those who value comfort, versatility, and style. Designed with the ANSI Class 2 Safety Vests in mind, this vest is a good choice for high-visibility apparel.

With its thoughtful construction, this vest ensures you stay effortlessly cool and comfortable no matter the task. The cooling mesh fabric allows superior breathability, keeping you fresh and focused throughout the day. Say goodbye to those suffocating and uncomfortable vests that leave you feeling sweaty and restricted.


  • Stay comfortable and cool throughout the day with breathable mesh fabric
  • Get superior visibility in any environment with ANSI Class 2 Safety Vests
  • Enjoy a stylish look with the modern design of this vest
  • Enjoy enhanced durability for years to come with superior construction
  • Get features designed to keep you safe in a variety of workplace settings
  • Color: Hi-Viz Green