Promote Your Business and Brand With Custom Printed Safety Vests


In 2019, there were more than 1,200 workers in the U.S. that died in work-related crashes that involved a vehicle. When your employees are on a job site that puts them next to a roadway, being as visible as possible is essential to protecting their safety and avoiding these types of tragedies.

In some industries, it is required that workers wear high-visibility clothing while on the job site. If your team is exposed to public vehicle traffic or construction equipment, it is required by OSHA that they be wearing high-vis clothing. However, there are a number of other roles where high-vis gear can benefit your team even when it isn't required.

Are you wondering whether custom printed safety vests are worth buying for your employees?

Let's take a look at how branded safety gear can help your employees stay safe and be more productive. At the same time, we'll look at how custom printed safety vests can also boost your brand recognition in your local community.

Custom Printed Safety Vests: Why Should You Brand Your High Vis Clothing?

You're likely aware that there are a lot of benefits to buying safety vests for your employees. However, you might not have ever considered getting custom, branded safety gear.

There are a lot of compelling reasons to buy custom printed safety vests for your crew. Not only is it a useful marketing tactic, but it can also improve both the productivity of your workers and the impression you give to your clients.

It Promotes Communication and Efficiency on the Job Site

It isn't uncommon for there to be workers from several different businesses working on the same job site at once. This can create confusion and inefficiencies when it is unclear who is performing what role.

When you buy custom printed safety vests, it can distinguish your team from the others on site. This means that workers can understand who is who much more quickly, boosting both communication and efficiency and avoiding confusion.

You might even choose to customize different vests depending on workers' responsibilities and training. This can make it clear who is trained to operate heavy machinery and who isn't, for example.

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It Strengthens Your Brand Awareness

Another really great reason for searching "custom printed safety vests near me" is because of what it can do for your brand awareness. Branding is way more important these days than it has ever been before. This is true for contractor businesses and landscaping businesses just as much as it is for consumer products.

When people hire you for a service, they want to know they are hiring a trustworthy and reputable brand. Individuals have unconscious ways of picking up on this information, and having branded high vis gear is a great way for people to see that you're a professional company. It will also help people remember your company for the next time they need to hire out for a service that you provide.

There is a psychological principle known as the "mere exposure effect" that is at play here. This means that simply having your branding on display can help people feel more familiar with your company. When people feel more familiar with your brand they are also more likely to trust you.

Basically, you are participating in constant, low-cost advertising when you brand the gear of your workers. They are walking around as a billboard for your company whether they are on the job site or rather they're grabbing something to eat on their lunch break. This means that everywhere they go, people are learning about your brand and tucking away your business' name until they need to hire a service you provide.

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It Helps Make a Good First Impression

Having branded safety vests is also an awesome way to make a great first impression. When customers hire you, they want to know that they've got the right guys for the job. By wearing custom printed safety vests, it can help your clients get a positive first impression of your brand.

Custom Printed Safety Vests Boost Your Professionalism

Related to creating a good first impression, custom printed safety vests also make you appear much more professional than workers who have generic vests. When people hire contractors, landscapers, or any service business, they want to know that they're hiring the pros. Branding on your safety vests both shows that you're willing to go the extra mile but also indicates that you are an established, functional, and organized business.

When you have custom printed gear, it helps show people that you have a commitment to high standards and quality. You might even find that you are attracting more employees once you get branded gear, as people might remember your logo later on and contact you when they are looking for work.

All this being said, you'll also want to make sure that your workers use common sense and integrity when they are wearing your branding. It's important for them to understand that they are representing the company when they are wearing the branded gear. This means that they need to act responsibly and respectfully, otherwise having branded gear could backfire.

It Helps Create a Unified and Productive Mindset for Your Employees

Another great benefit of custom printed safety vests is that it can help create the right atmosphere at the work site. Businesses are increasingly recognizing that creating a positive psychological mindset is essential for creating a successful business. When your workers are wearing branded, professional safety vests, it can help to support a positive working environment.

There have been a number of studies that have found that the way that we act at work can be substantially impacted by the way we dress. It can also impact the way we perceive ourselves on the job as well as how we perform.

When you give your workers custom printed high vis gear, they are suiting up for a day of focus, productivity, and high-quality performance. When people wear uniforms, they are much more likely to see themselves as confident, capable, and committed.

This is also an awesome way to promote a sense of unification between your team. When your workers have branded high vis gear, they feel much more connected to their other workers. It can also help employees feel like they are a part of a cohesive team. Wearing branded gear helps them remember that they are all there to work towards achieving a common goal.

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You Might Even Be Able to Get a Tax Deduction

When you purchase custom safety vests for your team, it is an investment in your business. This means that you might be able to deduct the cost from your taxes. Purchasing protective clothing that is necessary for your employees is almost always an expense that is tax-deductible.

Of course, you could just buy safety vests that are generic and unbranded. However, you are basically killing two birds with one stone when you brand your tax-deductible safety equipment.

In order to deduct safety gear from your taxes, the gear needs to be necessary for the job to get done. It is common for custom high visibility gear to qualify in this regard. This is particularly true if you are in an industry such as utility work or construction.

The safety gear also must not be suitable as clothes that could be worn every day. This means that a businessman can't deduct for the suit that they had tailored. However, custom workwear would qualify in this regard, particularly safety vests which most people would not consider typical street wear.

As a disclaimer, you should always discuss this type of thing with a tax professional before you go ahead and deduct your safety vests from your taxes. However, if your tax professional agrees that this is a deductible expense, buying high-vis safety vests can also provide you with a great deal of savings in addition to all of its other benefits.

Why Should Your Team Wear Safety Vests?

Your team will be a lot more noticeable once they start wearing safety vests. These vests are eye-catching, meaning that people passing by can both learn about your services as well as reduce the risk of coming into harm's way.

Safety vests help to protect both your workers and the general public. If your workers are doing a job on the side of the road, safety vests make them visible to drivers from a much greater distance than regular workwear.

In many industries, safety vests are required by law. However, the way that they are designed means that the material is breathable and light. Your workers will be much less likely to be bothered by safety vests than by the other safety gear they might be required to wear.

It also helps your team identify their teammates more quickly from far away. If you're working in a busy area, it can be difficult to distinguish a passerby from a worker. With high vis safety vests, this problem goes away entirely.

Who Should Wear High-Visibility Safety Vests?

People in certain occupations are required to wear high-visibility safety vests according to OSHA and state laws. However, there are a lot of other jobs where high-vis gear can be extremely beneficial to both your employees and your customers.

For example, high-vis gear can be a great idea for landscapers, people working at events, or even in retail settings. This makes it clear who is a member of the team and who isn't. It also makes it very easy to see them.

This means that high-vis gear can make a huge difference in clear communication, efficiency, and safety.

High visibility vests can also be an ideal choice for workers that are manning an outdoor festival or security for a concert. You want security to be highly visible to the crowd, both to deter troublemakers and to assist people who are searching for security.

How to Get Custom Printed Safety Vests

Choosing the right company to work with when it comes to getting custom printed safety vests is essential. If you shop around a bit, you'll likely find that many companies take too long, are too low-quality, or are too expensive.

At, we only use the highest-quality materials that are designed to withstand years of wear and tear. We offer affordable prices and pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

To get custom printed safety vests, the process is very simple. The first thing you will want to do is browse our store and choose the items that you would like to purchase. Once you have placed your chosen items in the basket, you can then continue to checkout.

You will find a "request a quote" button at the bottom of the checkout page. You'll want to click that button and then fill out the form that appears. Within standard business hours, we will get back to you in as little as 20 minutes.

If you're interested in purchasing custom-printed safety vests, you've come to the right place. You can get more information about our services by following this link.